Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hats Glorious Hats

The hats made so far today for the Hat Challenge over at the HPKCHC. The ones to the right were the first 7 whilst the ones above show all 10 of them. Through this challenge, 422 hats were crafted by around 40 people in only 24 hours, and all of those will be donated to charity. That's 422 heads which will be warmed by the actions of people who gave up just one day of their lives.

Congrats to everyone over at who participated in this, together we did an incredible thing.

All of the hats pictured above are going to warm the heads of those in special care nursery. I shall post the pattern for the basic ones tomorrow.

The white ones and the pink one are from this pattern. (here on ravelry) by Paula Amnott Lamm.

The more hat's donated to special care nurseries the better!

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  1. Will you be posting the other pattern as well? I want to make some to take up to the special care nursery here.