Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the Crafting Begin

Okay, so I asked around and discovered that my local Special Care Nursery does accept hand made items (Yay!). Even better, they will accept them in any sort of yarn! That means I can use the pretty alpaca stuff! I will endeavor to have a kit for them made up by Monday, which is only do-able because we're going away this weekend so I have much crochet time.

So far, I have made 5 of these and one of these squares, which I will make 5 more of and join together into a blanket for the preemie ward. I think I should just make more hats and blankets for the time being, since I know what I am doing there, but I hope I don't run out of the pink and green acrylic for the blanket any time soon (I have a feeling that I will). I think if I can't finish this with these colours, I shall try very hard to make 3 squares with this colour scheme and the other 3 in another pair of colours, maybe peach and blue.

Off to making squares,
Happy crafting,

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