Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Must Be A Wednesday

Today, I spend 20 minutes stuck in an elevator with a 60 kg chior stand and a grade 9-er. This followed handing in a 1000 word essay on how housekeeping staff were linked to glassings and handing having to sing a song about Martin Luther King Day at an Easter service and was followed by a Japanses handwriting test and choir lesson where the 4 altos were louder than the 7 sopranos. It must be a wednesday.

Does anyone else feel this way? Like nothing ever seems to go normally? Nothing really seems to go wrong exactly, just strangely. And even though it goes weirdly, it actually makes the day better.

Wednesdays are those weird days in the very middle of the week when you are not quite on the downhill run to Friday, but not still hiking up the hill from Monday. Wednesdays are rather like standing on top of a mountain, I believe, with the feeling of being done, but the knowledge of still having a long way to go. They are at once a good thing and a bad, and are quite possibly the weirdest day of the week.

And that is why I know that today absolutely must be a Wednesday.



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